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We Give Back to the Community


Giving Back


Does your organization need a boost in funds? Maybe it's just about offering something different at a reasonable cost.  Don’t worry, S&K Funnel Cakes, LLC in Huntersville, North Carolina has the solution to enlarge the budget you need or to solve the boredom bug of any organization.  
  • Our company is built on the concept of giving back. One of our annual goals is to provide nonprofit organizations with a donation or a discount based on the number of funnel cakes sold. The only thing you have to do is open your doors for us to enter. We’ll provide the supplies and do all the cooking.
  • As a small business, we have proudly donated more than $88,000 to support various organizations in North Carolina and South Carolina.  Our largest donations were made to Davidson Auction House of Reeds Christmas Fund for Kids and local schools. Discount for Donations to support an event hosted by The Sandbox will always be one of our favorite community service projects.
  • If your company wants a creative way to give back, invite us to your location and we will make a donation to a local nonprofit of your choice.


Contact us to find out about discounts for employee appreciation events, weddings, and family reunions. 

We can deliver to you but prefer to cook on-site because there is nothing like a fresh funnel cake cooked to order. 


S&K Funnel Cakes, LLC

Phone: 704-756-8237 | 704-819-8121


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