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Frequently Asked Questions


Many times, we are asked the same questions by different people. That’s why our team at S&K Funnel Cakes, LLC in Huntersville, North Carolina has prepared a list of some of the most common inquiries we receive. Here are a few of them:

How did you all decide to start a funnel cake business?

We were volunteering at Garinger High School football game in Charlotte, NC. All the students thought we were cooking funnel cakes instead of fish, so Scottie decided to look into doing funnel cakes.

Why are your funnel cakes not thick like most others?

Most thick funnel cakes are cut with flour to make the mix go further. Self-rising flour does just that, it rises. If you see a thick funnel cake, run because you will be getting a flour cake. We only use pure funnel cake mix and nothing else.

What type of oil do you use?

We only use canola oil. It's healthier, doesn't burn as quickly, and has a great taste.

Why did you go all the way to Tennessee to learn about funnel cakes?

When one of the co-owners is a teacher, you have to go with training for anything new to make sure you do it correctly. Research led us to TJ and Ms. Bonnie at the Original Funnel Cake Store in Gatlinburg. It was an awesome experience. We still stay in touch.

What is your most popular funnel cake?

Well, you can never go wrong with a powdered sugar. However, strawberry cheesecake comes out on top every time we offer it. We never thought we would see that happen, but to our surprise, it happens consistently.

Why do you keep your funnel cakes at the current price?

In 2010, when we started our business, it was to offer families a delicious treat at a reasonable price. Most folks can afford our prices. Years later, even though products have increased and hard to get, we still want to offer families a delicious treat at a reasonable price.

What is the farthest place you have ever traveled to do funnel cakes?

We did the Bluegrass Music Festival in the Outer Banks. We had the best time and met great people.

What is the record number of events you have ever done in a week/weekend?

August 22-27, 2017, we did 9 events. It was very demanding, but we were proud of ourselves for pulling it off. Not sure if we'll ever do that again, but it was an amazing experience.

What was your first festival, most unique festival, and your largest festival?

Our first festival was the Gullah Festival on beautiful Hilton Head Island. Probably the most unique is a toss-up between the Pride Festivals and the Hispanic Festivals (Fanta, El Grito, and HOLA) in Charlotte. The most fun by far was Fun Fourth in Greensboro, NC.  Our largest festival is Charlotte Pride with over 200,000 in attendance.

How long does it take to cook a funnel cake?

About 90 seconds.

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